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Changing the Idea of What
Education in America Should Be
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FRIENDS: Our Home Page Video depicts the art of puppetry applied as a communication media form—Puppetools—or Play Language. The video captures students and teachers sharing, communicating, and engaging in creative play--behavior which is rare and all but banned in our play-deprived learning culture. The affection and facial expressions of joy are evident, but what is not completely obvious is the deep impact of play as social medicine. Our learning culture needs to discover the science of learning and communication based in play. Play provides the spark and energy for a much needed spiritual and creative resurgence in education.

WHY GEORGE? We like the puppet persona of George Washington. Mr. Washington was really 'The First Education President'. Washington is still a leader who embodies the spirit of growing up free (he was a successful business man by age 17). George is a leader who is willing to declare our right to throw off the authority of Factory Educating and claim for all children the birthright of learning and teaching that are as free and as innovative as the spirit of youth itself. Watch all 3 of George Washington's Videos by clicking the navigation tabs above.

OUR MISSION is to open the door to sweeping change in education by advancing the principle of play in teaching and learning. The world still looks to America for inventive social, economic, and technological solutions. Once, America's gift to itself --and to the world--was a bold new experiment in political freedom. America's next gift--again for itself and for the world-- can and must be a bold new leap in education. If you believe that the advancement of play both as a practical and theoretical organizing principle represents an innovative path forward, then we welcome your support and participation in our mission. Do you just want to help out? See your local Puppetools representative about purchasing a Gift Subscription.

PARENTS: Puppetools shows parents how play is nature's way to build great 'first teachers' who can help kids become enthusiastic and resilient learners in a not-so-smart school culture. Our schools do not always actively engage parents to become meaningful and effective partners in the education of their children. We're not talking about parents spending hours with their children chained to homework or volunteering on the now nearly-extinct field trips or raising funds. We're talking about parents remaining the child's first and most important teacher in life. Subscribers should visit the Parents Area to learn more

COST & BENEFITS: Puppetools is revolutionary in its cost structure and economic benefits to schools. Compared to many high-priced, consumable, replacement, printed materials, Puppetools is more affordable for individuals and organizations. Our focus is on human resourcefulness, smart brain-based communication that has a direct impact on the skills, talents and productivity of the people involved. See Cost/Benefits analysis.

The RESOURCES & FORUM provide extensive peer to peer support, narrative, and documentation. The forums are a great place to get to know and contribute to the Puppetools community. We welcome your questions and comments. Educator Resources / Forums

BACKGROUND: Inventor, scientist, and play pioneer, Jeffrey Peyton has advanced the idea of education reform from the inside out and downside up model of culture change in our schools-- Jeffrey Peyton is the voice of George Washington and 'The Professor's Special Messages'.

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