Teachers' Puppets: Hundreds of examples constructed by teachers of all grade levels
Students' Puppets: Creative thinking that moves ideas and symbols into their hands
Puppet Patterns: Download, Print, and construct. Cut eyes, noses, whiskers, and more...
Ideas and Concepts: Ideas for puppets everywhere you look

Student Resources and
Family Workshop Area
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Puppetools Construction and Design

Folding the Hinge
Beyond the Hinge
Construction Process
Watch the Kids
Puppetools Communication

My Puppet!
Personality Sketch
2nd Grade Classroom Visit
5th Grade Puppet Interviews
Teachers using PUPPETS?
Ms. Broken Heart
Halloween Pie
The Stomach
Open High Hosts the Rain Forest
Rainbow Crow Puppet Story
Teacher Journal Collection (for Parent to Read Aloud)
Puppets in the Classroom? Yes, yes, yes!

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