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· Hosts a Distance Training Workshop. Users include a growing community of innovators, education leaders and classroom trailblazers who partner with us to bring the power of play into their work using the visual and symbolic “language of play."

· Showcases the work generated by our workshop partners who are advancing and benefiting from the applied science of play in learning and communication.

What is Puppetools?

Puppetools is an emerging worldwide learning community that shapes and directs its own training and teacher-led research with a specialized focus on play.

Puppetools is not theater. It is a teaching and learning language of handheld ideas and symbols.

With its revolutionary ‘play language’ and play-based communication system, Puppetools equips teachers with the tools and know-how of play-based communication in classrooms ranging from pre-K to college-level foreign language and teacher education.

Recognized internationally as a bridge between brain research and the classroom, Puppetools has advanced play as a foundational “learning birthright.” In its pioneering study of puppet play, Puppetools has identified a powerful wavelength of brain-directed communication energy to which children are innately tuned.

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