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While many of these books may appear too deep and academic to the average classroom teacher, I believe that reading about brain science will stimulate a teacher's interest in the mind, and open him or her to seek a deeper understanding of the brain, especially the needs and requirements of the child's brain.

Case in point: The teaching of science, which typically begins with learning weather and moves into earth science, and further into biology, overlooks two subject areas that directly impact the lives of children--play and the brain (opening kids up to how the brain evolved) and Global Warming (a legacy of science and a life challenge they are now inheriting). We must shake our heads free of the text books and curriculum and let learning grow through communication and awareness and compelling experiences. A working knowledge of the mind is crucial to aware and enlightened teachers. Reading about the brain, ironically, leads teachers to stop trying to get every note right in the music--and begin humming.

I was not an A student in high school, and I struggled through many a course in college. But I have listed these books here out of a love that has grown as a result of reading books that looked daunting but proved to be some of the most engrossing and inspiring I have ever read.

In the end, learning and living are all about having a healthy mind. Brain science should be the first thing we learn about--not the last.

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