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In this section we focus on how puppets can be integrated into lessons, books, support materials or used in the development of learning units or programs.

We've all heard the primary rule of writing: omit or de-emphasize the first person- "I." Well, the linking process in which puppets are connected to the ideas and concepts in a lesson is precisely the opposite-the puppet is almost always an "I."

Whether it's an acorn, a raindrop, a planet, a flower, a figure in history, or an invention, when considering the use of puppets in the curriculum, the "I"s have it. Nowhere would the "I" best be understood than in the following 'Puppet Profiles.'

As an example of full integration, we are pleased to present the following Puppet Profiles, in which puppets play a key role in a writing lesson.

"I've never seen them work so diligently….. and then look forward to a writing activity."
- Matt Giordano, teacher, 3rd grade

Puppet Profiles: Writing, Learning, and Motivation

-- Developed by Matt Giordano

After participating in a Puppetools workshop, Matt Giordano returned to the classroom to help expose his third graders to the experience of the 'writing process.' To help his kids give meaning, structure, and connectivity to their ideas, Matt quickly devised a Puppet Profile form. After making their puppets, kids used this form to help them think about their ideas and writing.

The links below enable you to join that portion of the workshop when Matt shared his students' work that resulted from using the Puppet Profile form, along with the insights that he and ultimately we all gained from the pioneering creativity exemplified by Matt and his students.

The lesson: productive learning is fueled and propelled by creativity. The tools we use to explore both content and subject make all the difference between learning that's real and learning that's imposed. All kids (not just the so-called gifted and talented) are just waiting to pour forth with energy, creativity, and with knowledge they are burning to share. (With more pioneers like Matt Giordano perhaps one day soon we'll have the courage to call a stop to what has become a mindless march through the curriculum.) Mr. Giordano is a master educator. I am privileged to be able to share his inspiring work with you. J.P.

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