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Youth Workshops are often the best way to begin developing a classroom or school puppet resource center. Learn how in this segment..

Adult Workshops provide concrete guidelines for an adult staff development workshop.

Staff Development
"I took your workshop not because I was interested in using puppets," a teacher told us frankly, "but because I needed the credit. I had no idea I would learn so much and have so much fun in the process."

This teacher's honest expression about her "unexpectations" for learning something new is placed here as a cautionary example: please do not sell yourself short on your ability to learn, to create your own learning process, and to gain enjoyment from it.

The degree to which an educator is in touch with learning is the degree to which he or she is in touch with teaching. The extent to which you as a communicator are in creative touch with others in your field is the extent to which you feel satisfaction in your work. With regard to puppets, what may appear as work is in fact more like play. This sense of play is necessary for adults if they are to make learning experiences meaningful for children. When you combine work and play in a creative format, exciting things begin to happen: concepts sharpen, enthusiasm increases, and you feel more connected. All these things can happen in a staff development group that focuses on the use of puppet media.

By establishing a staff development group, you form the basis of an ongoing, cost-free resource in your own school. Once established in your school or setting, the group can bring new dimensions, directions and enhanced quality to your school's programs.

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