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Making Storybook Puppets
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Show and Tell

Assuming that you've had opportunity to use the Construction and Communication modules, you are likely developing a sense of how the communication flow involved in using puppets can merge into the general flow of classroom experience, and are better prepared to introduce puppets to the class. Here are some ways to do that.

First, try to assume the role of a participant-observer:

* Note how your class responds to your puppet(s)
* Note your own perceptions about your students
* Note remarks and actions that surprise
* Note if kids ask to make puppets just like yours
* Make mental notes and snapshots.

All of these could form the basis of a notebook or journal of observations and insights. Perhaps you may have already included notes like this in the previous segments. In effect, the medium calls up an outer process (what emerges in the classroom) as well as an inner process (what you perceive is going on between the children, yourself, and the medium). The medium sets the stage, so to speak, for professional growth, sensitization, reflection and evaluation.

Use the initial show & tell opportunity to play and improvise. Bring a puppet out spontaneously in response to an idea or situation. Do not plan. Make it feel improvised-just to see what happens. It might be a two-minute puppet visit. A puppet may leave the class a note explaining something you would have conveyed yourself. Feel what it's like to work free-style or what it's like to put yourself inside a puppet that takes on a life and personality of its own. Perhaps the puppet is a little shy and needs coaxing to visit the class.

Generally, a short show and tell exchange is not unlike running into an acquaintance on the street. Depending on how much fun you're having during the exchange, it may be short and it may go on for a few minutes.

Plan to know something about the puppet. (Use the My Puppet or the Personality Sketch forms to develop the puppet's persona. This way you have a little sense of who the puppet is and what he may be able to say.

Keep it light and have some fun.

Consider writing a brief description of your adventure and post it in the Applications forum.

Storytelling & Character Development

This segment will enable you to create puppets based on a given book or resource, and provides strategies for using them. Knowing how to turn storybook characters into puppets provides a blueprint for using puppets with resources of all kinds, including biography, history, social studies or current events, math, science or literature.

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