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Communication with Puppets
* A Puppet with a Purpose
* Bringing Puppetools to Life
* Communication Strategies
* How Puppets Communicate
* Puppets in the Classroom? Yes, yes, yes!
- My Puppet!
- Personality Sketch
~ 5th Grade Teacher Commentary - Part 1
~ 5th Grade Teacher Commentary - Part 2
~ Halloween Pie
~ The Lungs
~ The Stomach
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Whoever you are—introvert, extrovert, or operating just fine in your own time zone—you can fit puppets into your personal approach or style of presenting information, and you can feel comfortable about using them.

Knowing what you like and what stimulates your own creative juices can be the key to using a puppet successfully because what you make the puppet say and do - and how you make him, her, or it appear - are simply a reflection of your own tastes and interests.

When the subject of "bringing puppets to life" comes up, there is a temptation to treat the process as a set of techniques and rules. Granted, there are guidelines to follow, but to focus only on these is like trying to play notes when you could be humming the tune.

Therefore, in addition to technique, we will also examine the personal qualities we can use to give life to puppets. Every beginning experience has a simple story. Mary Beth Spann's experience with "Kerry Koala" ('A Puppet with a Purpose' link below) is selected not as a social studies unit (which it is), but to convey a well-integrated picture of classroom puppet life. It demonstrates how using a puppet can be more a matter of soft-touch resource management than a heavy-handed sideshow song and dance with the teacher in the spotlight.

Beyond a working knowledge of voice, movement and personality, it is helpful to look over someone's shoulder. Mary Beth Spann and Nancy Charest both give us a glimpse of how bringing a puppet to life is a natural extension of teaching and learning. Print both readings and read at your convenience.

Included in the resources you will find two forms: The Personality Sketch and My Puppet! The forms are useful to adults and kids who are creating the character and personality of a given puppet. Both of these forms shold be considered a standard worksheet to be used before or after a puppet concept has been constructed. Completing these forms will hone the educational point of the puppet.

Basic Stratagems for Communicating

Use these ideas to introduce your puppet...

# Whispering
# Word playing
# Asking a question
# Keeping someone company
# Having a Problem (feeling sad or shy)
# Disappearing, go on a trip and return
# Symbolizing or embodying a problem
# Having an idea to share
# Getting lost

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